What is Propose?

Welcome to ‘Propose’. On this page you have been given a direct song suggestion service. Via the form below you can send our team your ‘propositions’ for songs to be added to future New Song Cafe song lists. Your suggestions will help us choose the songs for later services and said suggestions may also feature soon! If you have any questions feel free to check our FAQ page for further details

To send us your song ideas, please fill out the below form.

    Whats the limit?

    You can send us as many of your song suggestions as you like!

    Every idea is helpful..

    What are the details for Next Month?

    Our regularly updated ‘Next Month’ page gives you all the info you need for the next NSC Service!

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    Having Difficulties?

    If you’re having any difficulties, or just simply need a point in the right direction, our FAQ section will help!