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New songs highlighted for familiarisation prior to each New Song Café worship.

Top New Songs from our first year

24/03/2017 0

At the March New Song Café we carried out a survey of top song choices, asking people to let us know their five favourite songs.  Here’s how the figures came out: Songs with Five or More votes: (26) 10,000 Reasons (20) My Lighthouse (15) Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (15) Cornerstone (14) What a…

By Nigel Bailey

You Never Let Go

06/03/2017 0

This evening (Monday 6th March, 7.00 pm) at St James Road Methodist Church I shall be participating in our “Music in Lent” initiative, practising some of the material for this coming Sunday’s New Song Café, which will include this song…  

By Nigel Bailey

The Lion and The Lamb

05/02/2017 0

Sunday 12th February’s New Song Café worship band will be led by our friend Chris Taylor from St James By the ark Anglican church. Amongst our “new songs” in The Lion And The Lamb from the Bethel music stable and written by Brian Johnson, Brenton Brown and Leeland Mooring. This song reminds us of the…

By Nigel Bailey