Our Story

New Song Café began in Warrington in 2009. The idea was to simply meet for worship once a month prior to moving into a coffee shop to establish a new church congregation as part of the ministry of fresh expressions of church and reaching the local community with the good news of Jesus



St James Road Methodist Church

New Song Southampton was launched in April 2016 with the intention of building on the developments and innovations that had been introduced by our friends in Warrington.

New Song is a worshipping community. Ever since our first meeting  our worship has been marked by a sense of God’s presence. We aim to be accessible to those coming to church for the first time, and we have a heart to honour one another and to serve the people of our city.

Worship and service

At our first service in April 2016 we anticipated that perhaps 30 would attend. We planned for 40, and , in the event, over 60 people joined us. Our numbers have grown steadily and, in December 2016, one hundred people attended our Christmas Special celebration.

Christmas 2016 also signalled a moment for us to grow in other ways as we reached out to the city around us through the Hot Drinks Ministry.  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day saw a team of people each giving a part of their Christmas break to serve hot drinks to those visiting Southampton Crematorium.

In December 2017, the house band lead us in the New Song Cafe Christmas special where we recorded a record attendance of over 200 individuals. We also officially introduced New Song Cafe “Choice” allowing the congregation the chance to choose the songs to which we would worship in various ways.